Monday, 11 September 2017 12:30


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Carmelo Rodriguez - Is there hope for democracy? Recently that question was asked and we give our input.  Ultimately, its up to the American citizen to decide if hope for democracy is thriving or dying.  We talked about women in the infantry (Proud and Steadfast!!) and media spin in relation to the health of our country.  We brought former Army Scout SSG Carmelo Rodrigues of VetDocSeries and back on the program to talk about a very serious concern that has effected over 4,200 veterans since 2011.  Carmelo was erroneously declared dead by the VA and has been fighting to clear his name and life. His website is now dedicated to shedding light on this life altering situation in effort to help other veterans navigate a confusing, frustrating, and seemingly helpless problem.  Luck for us and for you, Carmelo has an upbeat and hopeful outlook on the situation due to his effort and the support he has found.