Monday, 01 January 2018 22:16

The Show Must Go On

Beth Maranville is a radio show co- host with her husband on, The Show Must Go On RADIO SHOW.

She is on Urgent Care today to discuss  going down the insurance/medical rabbit hole! Her health issues and insurance are an all too familiar nightmare!
Beth has the MTHFR gene
in addition she has thyroid issues, partial hysterectomy, lyme disease. 
 In March 2014 she had unusual weight gain  going Dr to Dr trying to find the answer and in moving to North Carolina continued this mystery trip into medical. After years of being anemic she was having the opposite of anemic. This is how she found how she had MTHFR .
They were supposed to have Blue Cross Blue Shield and found out shockingly that they worked for a company that did not pay her premiums!  
This CAN happen to employees and even suing the employer can result in that employer taking a BK. 
This lead she and her husband into medical/financial crisis.
So they had major medical bills and had to find their own insurance! They found MediShare but ran into issues because of preexisting issues.

Beth has become a proactive self advocate as well as a voice to others on having Hope! She has done her own research on blending traditional medicine and alternatives!

There are plenty of people who get sick and possibly even die because they are not proactive