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Late Night Health Radio offers a unique, entertaining and informative listening opportunity, while providing an upscale active audience for advertisers. Hosted by Mark Alyn, discusses all aspects of health from a consumers point of view.

Late Night Health features healthcare experts from a variety of traditional and alternative healthcare fields. Putting listeners in the driver’s seat of making healthcare decisions, Late Night Health offers diverse topics from experts throughout the world. Guests from around the United States, Australia, Costa Rica, France, Canada and Israel regular share information on Late Night Health.

Late Night Health covers a myriad of health and wellness topics including dealing with diabetes, weight-loss, obesity and cancer to the latest practices in pain management, stress reduction, preventative health care and even how “ObamaCare” affects all Americans.

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Male Sexual Health on Valentine's Day (Part 1)

Sexy Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with our very own "Doctor Love" Dr. Dudley Danoff!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and as the biggest romantic holiday of the year, it can create overwhelming pressure and expectations for a couple to achieve the best sex ever. The pressure to perform is a fact of life for many men. But sex can be good for a relationship as well as for a man's health.

Dudley Seth Danoff, MD, FACS, men's urologist and expert for more than thirty years and the author of The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health, advocates having sex—and not just on Valentine's Day. He is known for his candid and good-natured style that makes it easier for men (and the partners in their lives) to talk about and handle a myriad of medical situations.

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Diabetes Research Center (Part 1) - Dr. Jean Louis

Dr. Jean Louis Selam is at the Diabetes Research Center near Los Angeles, which does clinical studies on Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
Dr. Selam received his undergraduate education and medical doctorate in France, University of Montpelier. He has been a specialist in internal medicine and endocrinology in France since 1979 and licensed in California since 1987. He has worked as an associate professor at University of California Irvine Diabetes Research Program 1986-90 then as an associate professor at University Medical School of Paris, dept of Diabetology 1990-2003. He was appointed in 2005 as Visiting Professor by the USC School of Medicine, Los Angeles.
He is the Editor in Chief of the Journals Infusystems, which he founded in 1983, a world leading journal in the field of insulin delivery systems.

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Recovery from Addiction (Part 1) - Sarah Kovach

The new year can be a time of renewal and for some the ideal time to deal with addiction disorders. Many people make resolutions, but dealing with this brain disease is not simply a matter of deciding not to use. Substance misuse, abuse and dependence can be challenging to treat and overcome and long-term recovery from addiction requires treatment by professionals
Sarah Kovach, M.S., LMHC Therapist Team Lead of Lakeview Health in Jacksonville Florida joins Mark Alyn on Late Night Health Radio to talk about all about Residential Addiction Treatment and what families and those seeking help can expect including what individuals should be looking for in a residential treatment facility, how you choose the right one and costs associated with treatment. For information visit:

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Going Red for Women (Part 1) - Dr. Dana Cohen

The "Going Red for Women" campaign will flourish in February with women sporting their red dresses in support of heart health month, but are women really getting the prevention message? Young women pursuing a career and raising a family are most at risk as they often put off medical care not realizing they are a candidate for a heart attack or stroke.
According to a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, young women who've had a heart attack will have a twenty fold increased risk of a second heart attack, and a tripled risk of a first stroke, according to findings. Two more recent studies published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology confirm that women under the age of 55 are often left in the dark when it comes to knowing the risk factors of heart disease.
"When it comes to heart health, women have different warning signs and nutritional needs," says Dana Cohen, M.D., a nationally renowned internal and integrative medicine specialist whose multi-disciplinary approach has helped treat thousands of patients using a variety of conventional and complementary therapies.

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Holistic Dentistry (Part 1) - Dr. Joel-Sanders

Joel Sanders is a unique holistic dentist in Highland Park, Illinois, whose wide following of patients appreciate the fact that he goes beyond just restoring teeth. He cares about each person's total health.
After graduating from Northwestern University Dental School in 1979, Joel began practicing traditional dentistry for several years. During a dental seminar, Joel met one of the early practitioners and researchers of holistic & biologic dentistry, Dr. Doug Cook, and that relationship influenced him to radically change his approach for dental care. Using all-natural products like metal-free resins and porcelain instead of traditional metallic fillings is just one example.
Joel made it his mission to educate patients on the importance of keeping their mouth healthy.
"It's important for people to know that there is a huge connection between the mouth and the whole body. Everything works together."

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Wisdom For The Ages (Part 1) - Courtney Amundson

Courtney Amundson - Joining us is a remarkable young woman Courtney Amundson, author of "Teachings From God." From "the mouths of babes" comes to mind as this 19 year old shares wisdom for the ages. Sometimes, but definitely not always, as we are each presented with different challenges to benefit our own personal growth. Many times being spiritual does not always mean we are healthier, but does help in our own overall balance in life.
I could not draw any conclusions, only my own experience...but for me being spiritual means that I have more courage to surrender and not play victim to what I see showing up physically as I know it is a manifestation of something larger to look at.
But sometimes that is a long road of discovery – and sometimes you don't figure it out in one lifetime.

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