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What the heck is a Seattle Duck?

ride the ducks-1
Tammy Guill Director of Sales for Ride the Ducks shares not only what a duck is but why you should ride one!  If you have a group headed to Seattle but have limited time to see the city, Ride the Ducks is the way to go!  I was thrilled to learn that Tammy's out of the box thinking gets you connected with more than just a really cool ride.  She is truly a one call does it all Seattle Ambassador!
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Vietnam, then and now through the eyes of Dick Fox, author and Domestic Nam show host

Description:  Author and show host Dick Fox joins us this week to talk about the Vietnam War through his eyes. He shares stories from his book, "The Domestic Vietnam" as well as some of the conversations shared on his show "Domestic Nam".   "It has taken many of us over 40 years to begin to talk about this stuff"
Vietnam Veterans Day is March 28th.  We, at Reunion Friendly Network, thank our Vietnam Veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice.
for more information about Dicks book to to the RFN website   Check out Dick's show, Domestic Nam
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Joan Eisenstodt says "Contracts: Include everything and know what you are signing

Description:  In RFN Basic Training classes we talk A LOT about contracts.  YES it does matter how long they are.  YES it does matter what clauses are included.
We are joined by Joan Eisenstodt hospitality industry expert in the fields of contracts, negotiation, risk management among other things.  She shares her experience about contracts and the importance of getting EVERYTHING included.   THIS SHOW IS A MUST FOR EVENT PLANNERS AND THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY
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For More about the Reunion Friendly Network:click here
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Dune Buggies and a closer look at reunion guest programs

eugene cvb
Juanita Metzler Convention Sales Manager for the Lane County CVB shares her tips on cool programs and attractions for non military reunion guests.....including
Dune Buggies. Yes DUNE BUGGIES!
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Let Your Voices tell the History

americans in wartime
Board Chairman Allan Cors shares the vision for the Americans in Wartime Museum.  Imagine a place where you can step into the bunkers of  WWII and walk the jungles of Vietnam. The wartime experience also comes to life through their commitment to recording your stories of your experience of your military service.   
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The power of local authors and Crazy Horse on two cans of food!

The power of local authors and Crazy Horse on two cans of food!
Local author Elizabeth Guss shares some cool ideas on how to add local flavor to your reunion.  Reunion Planner Bill Neal shares how he negotiates EVERYTHING to be sure the reunion registration is affordable for all.  The Crazy Horse story.....listen and find out!  
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Beer, and Wine, and Sake in Portland Oh My!

Washington County
Corey Kearsley of the Washington County Visitor Association shares some of the best kept secrets of Portland Attractions! Rumor has it we will visit many of them on the ConFAM in April. Are you going?  YOU SHOULD! Here is the link for more information!
Bea Brunner with the American Legion Auxiliary describes the many programs that support Wartime Veterans, their families and the local community.  American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary does so much!   
And find out what happens to the Donations RFN makes to American Legion Posts.
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Air Force Special Projects Reunion & "Do Big Things"

 Dick Temple planner with the Air Force Special Projects Reunion, focuses our attention on the little things to be aware of in the final count down to a reunion.  The "Do Big Things" motto of the team at the Rapid City CVB is backed up by big experience, big partnership AND BIG PASSION when working with military reunions.
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Contracts, ConFAMs and Cool Partnerships

USS Kretch

Sharon vents her frustration at the poor wording of a clause in a contract she reviewed ...  AND on a brighter note Ralph Sulek reunion planner for the USS Kretchmer DE/DER 329 shares his experiences in planning a reunion in Detroit! YES Detroit!.   He also talks about his 2014 reunion that took place ALL THE WAY OUT IN WASHINGTON STATE! (Turns out it is an amazing reunion destination and not too far to go after all!)

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Operation Military Family! They do amazing things for the veteran community

 Operation Military Family

Mike Schindler CEO of Operation Military Family tells us about "After the Hug", how they (and we can) can support our war fighters as they return home.  He encourages us to check out their cool app that connects servicemen to the support they need, where they are! OMF talks about job placement,,,even if your military job was a sniper. RFN is a contributor to OMF Cares....Check it out!
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Grand Ole Attraction Best Practices from the Grand Ole Opry Entertainment Group

Grand Ole Opry

Wayne Chandler has been in the hospitality trenches with the Grand Ole Opry Entertainment Group for the last 14 years.

He has "been there, done that, seen that" when it comes to Military Reunions.   Wayne dishes the scoop on working with attractions.....shhh he may share some secrets to success!