Todays American Veteran

Today's American Veteran is presented by the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes The show is hosted by Emmy nominated actor and Patriot Jack Scalia.
The Coalition supports all Veterans and is a non partisan outreach.The views expressed by our guests are their own and may not reflect those of The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

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Christmas for Veterans with Jim Wertman

Keeping the Spirit of the Holidays Alive this Veteran gahters thousands of motorcyclists to insure there is no Veterans left behind during the holidays.

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A Survivor's Wife Vikki Torrillo

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Jack Scalia talks to the wife of NY Fire Department 911 survivor Joe Torillo

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Serving Vets: Matt Cary



Matthew Cary was appointed Director of the District of Columbia Office of Veterans Affairs by Mayor Vincent C. Gray in April of 2011 and was unanimously confirmed by the Council of the District of Columbia on June 7, 2011. During his four years in office, he initiated several new programs for DC Veterans and their families.  They include: the Furniture Donation program for DC Homeless veterans and their families resulting in donations of furniture and household items valued at $1.5 million from several military installations which has been delivered to 500 District of Columbia homeless veterans moving into transitional or permanent housing. 


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From Hopeless to Hope with Jess Love


An aspiring inspirational singer,  back with her kids after 18 long months. Her turmoil and PTSD is a story you must sit down, hold on and be prepared to listen to. Now she is a woman of God and  has recorded songs  that will inspire so many. She wants to shoot for the stars and show not just the Female Veterans, but all Veterans and many others who are facing adversity, that it's okay to start over but never lose hope in what you believe in! The world isn't that big for us not to unite, and raise the awareness. NEVER GIVE UP.
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Celebrating Veterans Day... NYC Veterans Parade Vince McGowan

The years as a Marine in Viet Nam and his experience as a returning Veteran have had a significant impact on Vince McGowan. As the  founding president of the United War Veterans Council, a member of the city’s Veterans Advisory Board (appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2002), and the producer of every Veterans Day parade since 1994 McGowan has insured that every Veteran is welcomed home. 


“In 1985, New York City was in a downward spiral,” he recalled. “It was so bad that the veterans’ community decided to stop celebrating our service and discontinue the Veterans’ Day parade, which had started in 1990 here in New York.”

McGowan states  he and “two other guys – a colonel in the Air Force and a lieutenant in the Navy – we weren’t going to let the parade die. At one point with [former Mayor] David Dinkins we found ourselves – 23 of us – walking down Fifth Ave. going to the eternal light in Madison Square Park and that’s all we could muster.”

In recent years the nationally televised parade has had more than 60,000 lining the parade route with 100's of floats, marching units and marching bands. In addition to the parade. McGowan now wants to work on  the restoration of the city’s war memorials that were flooded by Sandy (including the Vietnam memorial at 55 Water St.) and raising money for the United Veterans War Council, which produces the Veterans Day parade and a wide range of other events and programs.

Following John Kennedy’s assassination in 1963  McGowan enlisted and  volunteered for hazardous duty. Injured in battle he still has shrapnel in his legs. He was deeply hurt by the reception that he and others received when they returned home from Viet Nam.

“I think Americans abandoned the Vietnam veterans in the field,” he said. “There are consequences to that.” He said that he knew a lot of veterans who committed suicide. He is the founding member of the Suicide Prevention Foundation.

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Congressman Ryan Zinke: Veterans in Congress/Veterans as Leaders



Former Navy Seal and now Congressman from the State of Montana Ryan Zynke is the Veterans Voice.  


The Speaker is about leadership and not policy and we’re at a point in our nation’s history where we’ve had a Speaker resign, we’ve had a presumptive Speaker resign and quite frankly we’re facing what I think is a leadership crisis. In our country’s history, there have been other freshmen Speakers—though it has been a long time. But it isn’t about policies. It’s about getting the Congress to do their duty: And that’s the defend the principles that made this country strong and defending the Constitution. I’ve taken an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. It’s time to rise and put our country first, and yourself second. It’s about leadership. We’re looking at it. Our phones are ringing off the hook because I think America wants something different. I haven’t decided, but what I have decided is that Congress better do our duty and defend our values of this country.

Zinke said the Speaker of the House is a “representative” of the entire body, and an “orator of what America should be,” adding that it is an “enormous responsibility” and “I haven’t retreated from battle and neither should America.”


“Americans are frustrated and they look at their government and it’s not doing what we should be doing,” Zinke said. “They want a better future and they want America to be strong and prosperous.”


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Today's American Veteran Guest David Walker, Congressman Ryan Zinke, & Donny Daughenbaugh

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 On todays show Jack and David talk about the Mission of the Coalition to Salute Americas Heroes. Joining the show is Congressman Ryan Zinke fresh from the CPAC conference where he was addressing America at War. Injured Comabt Veteran Donny Daughenbaugh on the importance of providing a hand "up" to veterans in need.

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Jimmy Gunn: Rock n roll and Patriotism


Jimmy started into music at an early age by playing the drums, and performed with a band during his high school years.  In the late 70’s he moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he has performed with such great artists as: Leon Russell, Edgar Winter, Tanya Tucker, Ray Sawyer (of Dr. Hook), Keith Steagall, Deborah Allen, Marie Osmond, Dan Seals, Willie Nelson, Hank Cockran, Tom Wopat, Tommy Rowe, Sonny Throckmorton, Kieran Kane, Dobie Gray, Bruce Channel, Delbert McClinton, Steve Winwood, David Ball.

Jimmy toured with Brooks & Dunn up until June of 1995.  While touring with them they traveled to Switzerland.  Jimmy has toured extensively in the United States and Canada and has traveled to Europe and Russia.

In Addition to Touring, Jimmy has several movies and made for TV movie soundtracks credits and appearance to his name.  Most notably is “Scandal in A Small Town” starring Rachel Welch, “Hank Jr., Living Proof”, “Running Mates” and “Ruckus”.

While working with Brooks & Dunn, Jimmy has appeared on several Music Award Shows, and has made commercials for Miller Beer Company, and appeared in the movie “8 Seconds”.

Jimmy has appeared on several issues of “Country Song Roundup Magazine” for Pearl Drum Company.

The composition “Is It All A Illusion” and “Where’d You Come From” were co-written by Jimmy for the movie “Running Mates”.

Jimmy has recently had an R & B cut on Donny Kees CD which he co-wrote with Donny titled “You Can’t Stop Me From Loving You”

His varied career has also included a publisher’s assistant, song plugger, writer and musician for Don Gant Enterprise, and over the last few years Jimmy has owned and operated a company with Don Gant’s widow, Lynda Gant, named G & G Music Group, where they have had cuts by George Straight, Garth Brooks & other.  Jimmy & Steve Busch Co-Produced a project on Jimmy a few years ago and over the last few years Jimmy has been teamed up with partner Pat Robinson in California where they’ve become a great writing & production team.