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Dennis Wilson is an anointed speaker and singer. I had the pleasure to meet Dennis when he ministered at Triumphant Church in Orlando. His messages have an insight that comes from the Holy Spirit. His songs flow from the Father’s heart, to bring hope and healing to this generation. He has the heart of a worshiper and a real gift, to bring you into the very presence of the Father. He has been honored to have shared the platform with many, notable personalities.  However, he will always tell you his greatest honor is to speak and sing to glorify Christ.

Listen as Dennis talks about his love and passion for the Lord, and how he’s sharing what the Lord has poured into him with everyone he meets on his Christmas tour “Forever the Season, Forever the Reason

You will be blessed as Dennis shares with you how his song, “Castles In The Sand” was birthed, and your spirit will leap with joy when you hear him sing it. “Castles In the Sand," is an emotional tribute to our military warriors. The song tells the story of a father in the military helping his daughter to understand that he is not just fighting for his country, he is also fighting for her.  He tells her, “Daddy is fighting in the desert so that she can build castles in the sand. Please visit his site to see the video for this song, it will have you praying for the men and women fighting for your country. 

While we were on the show, the Holy Spirit took over and blessed Dennis with a “right now word” for His people.  This powerful word was given to remind someone listening to the show that God has not forgotten them. It was given to encourage them to hold on “until the time for your word to come” (Psa. 105:19). There is a hope.  Hold on, don’t give up.  

And to reiterate the word the Holy Spirit gave Dennis; he closed the show with his new song, “There Is A Hope," which hasn’t been released yet.  Oh, how he blessed us. When you hear this song, it will minister to your spirit and draw you nearer to the Lord. Yes, there is a hope! Dennis tells us it’s not in world leaders, and it is not in religion. This hope is in the supernatural power of Christ. Amen!

This show will bless, strengthen, and encourage you to press your way. 

If you want to see Dennis minister through the word and in song, come join us at Triumphant Church, on Dec. 12th at 7 p.m.  



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