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Barbara Beach.

The Still Small Voice/ Hope and Inspiration

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Dancing Angels Foundation

Guest: Louise Cantrell


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook:  Dancing Angels Foundation

On March 6, 2012, Louise’s husband Edward and their two daughters Isabella and Natalia died tragically in a house fire. Edward Cantrell was a Chief Warrant Officer 2 with 3rd Special Forces Group stationed at Ft. Bragg, and had just returned from his 6th deployment; Isabella was six and Natalia was four (more details on this horrible tragedy can be found here).   Louise knew how much the girls loved to dance and created the foundation to honor and perpetuate their memory as well as provide hope and inspiration to other parents who have lost children. 

Listen and be inspired as Louise talks about her husband, and their two beautiful daughters and her passion for keeping their memory alive through the Dancing Angels Foundation.  Then visit the website and see how it is helping those who display an immense passion for dance to fulfill their dreams.

You can also follow the Dancing Angels on Facebook, and stay up to date on their projects and latest events.  Like the event that’s taking place on April 16th; the Purple Heart Plaque Dedication/Honor Ride.  Save the date, and plan to attend this beautiful dedication and you will be able to hear Louise share her entire story of how she overcame her tragedy and found the strength to “celebrate life through dance.” 


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Victory After the Storm

Pastor Stephanie Johnson is an Evangelist and a Pastor for Christian Life Ministries of Orlando.  She oversees “Feed the Community” for Christian Life Ministries.  She is the author of “Victory After the Storm," which is an autobiographical novel on seeing God’s presence in your situation, no matter what the situation might be.

Pastor Stephanie states, “When I began writing about this period in my life, I thought this was going to be about what I considered the ultimate loss any parent could experience.  I do not make light of my daughter, NoahLisha’s death, but instead, I celebrate the renewing of my relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Pastor Stephanie shares, while writing “Victory After the Storm,” she began to realize that this was not just a tool to use as therapy; it was also her story to share with others. Through writing this book, the woman who had been hidden away for more than two decades was finally free.

Come on this journey with Pastor Stephanie as she challenges you to take a look at all life’s disappointments and use them to build upon the strength that you already possess. Listen as she shares why we shouldn’t depend on anyone else but Jesus for our happiness. And then learn why the only thing that is stopping you from having “Victory After the Storm” is you. 

Listen to the broadcast, then purchase the book and learn how to get out of your own way.  

If you would like to get a copy of, “Victory After the Storm," it’s available on

THE BOOK PATCH: www.thebookpatch.com

Direct link to book:


Or by contacting the author: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact information

S. La Verene Johnson

P.O. Box 781402

Orlando, FL


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We are coming to the close of 2015, and I know you're probably doing what I've been doing this past week...looking back; thinking about the things that you could have, should have, or wished you would have done. We can't go back and change it no matter how much we want to. But while you're pondering the things that didn't happen, have you stop to celebrate all the things that did happen? Why is it we reflect upon our failures first? Why do we want to think about the things that cause us pain more than we think about the things that bring us joy?

There will be times things won't happen when we thought it should or the way we wanted, and we think the Lord has failed us. Yes, there are times we think the Lord let us down. Yet, here we are, we are still standing; that means He supplied everything that we needed. So, why aren't we reflecting on those memories.

If you are going to look back, then you must also remember how the Lord has kept you. If you are going to look back, look back on the blessings, not the curses. Remember the things that are true; God wants you to prosper and be in good health. Remember the things that are honest; His promises, He will never forsake you. Remember the things that are just; His righteousness. Remember the things that are pure; how the blood of Jesus that washed away your sins. Remember the things are lovely; His goodness and mercy. Remember the things that are of a good report; His word can't return to Him void. Remember to think on these things and never forget, it's not over until the Lord says it's over.

In less than 48 hours a new year begins, and we are not going to bring what happened yesterday into the new year. So, let's talk about remembering your blessings

Choose to Have a Great Day!
Shearon Hurst
Inspiring you with Chosen Words to bless your life.




       Read Now - http://bit.ly/1ykQ5o8                    Read Now- http://bit.ly/TvebGB
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Website:  http://www.denniswilson.net/

Facebook: dennis wilson

Dennis Wilson is an anointed speaker and singer. I had the pleasure to meet Dennis when he ministered at Triumphant Church in Orlando. His messages have an insight that comes from the Holy Spirit. His songs flow from the Father’s heart, to bring hope and healing to this generation. He has the heart of a worshiper and a real gift, to bring you into the very presence of the Father. He has been honored to have shared the platform with many, notable personalities.  However, he will always tell you his greatest honor is to speak and sing to glorify Christ.

Listen as Dennis talks about his love and passion for the Lord, and how he’s sharing what the Lord has poured into him with everyone he meets on his Christmas tour “Forever the Season, Forever the Reason

You will be blessed as Dennis shares with you how his song, “Castles In The Sand” was birthed, and your spirit will leap with joy when you hear him sing it. “Castles In the Sand," is an emotional tribute to our military warriors. The song tells the story of a father in the military helping his daughter to understand that he is not just fighting for his country, he is also fighting for her.  He tells her, “Daddy is fighting in the desert so that she can build castles in the sand. Please visit his site http://www.denniswilson.net/ to see the video for this song, it will have you praying for the men and women fighting for your country. 

While we were on the show, the Holy Spirit took over and blessed Dennis with a “right now word” for His people.  This powerful word was given to remind someone listening to the show that God has not forgotten them. It was given to encourage them to hold on “until the time for your word to come” (Psa. 105:19). There is a hope.  Hold on, don’t give up.  

And to reiterate the word the Holy Spirit gave Dennis; he closed the show with his new song, “There Is A Hope," which hasn’t been released yet.  Oh, how he blessed us. When you hear this song, it will minister to your spirit and draw you nearer to the Lord. Yes, there is a hope! Dennis tells us it’s not in world leaders, and it is not in religion. This hope is in the supernatural power of Christ. Amen!

This show will bless, strengthen, and encourage you to press your way. 

If you want to see Dennis minister through the word and in song, come join us at Triumphant Church, on Dec. 12th at 7 p.m.  



Choose to Have a Great Day!
Shearon Hurst
Inspiring you with Chosen Words to bless your life.

       Read Now - http://bit.ly/1ykQ5o8                    Read Now- http://bit.ly/TvebGB


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There are times when we feel life is so unfair. We look around at how bad things are in our lives and say things like, "Why is all this happening to me? Why do I have to suffer this way? Nothing good ever seems to happen to me. Does this sound familiar?
Well, first let me say this, something good happens to you every day. Each day that you wake up is a good day. It's a blessed day, and it gives you a chance to start over and do something good. We can't always have sunshine in our lives. We need the rain as well as the sunshine; because the rain helps us to grow and become stronger. Without the rain, we wouldn't have flowers, trees, the beautiful beaches, and without the rain we wouldn't have any food to eat. Everything that we go through has a reason, and it's not about us. The things the Lord allow us to go through are for His Glory. And that is what I want to talk to you about today... His Glory. It's not about you. God wants to use what you're going through for His Glory.
Choose to Have a Great Day!
Shearon Hurst
Inspiring you with Chosen Words to bless your life.
       Read Now - http://bit.ly/1ykQ5o8                    Read Now- http://bit.ly/TvebGB
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The Lord is opening His people's eyes to the plight of the world around them. For too long, many of us have turned our focus inward. We've been so concerned with the things that affect us directly that we have forgotten about the ones that have not yet come to know Jesus. We thought the things going on in other nations did not concern us, and as a result, the things that happened in other nations have come upon us. Now, the world in which we live in has become sick. We have not been advancing the Lord's kingdom and bringing breakthroughs into the lives of those who need to know the Lord. We have allowed the enemy to gain too much ground. It's time to Wake Up Church and Pray!

The Lord told His disciples the reason they couldn't cast the evil spirit out of the child, was because they didn't have enough power, and the power they needed would come forth by prayer and fasting. If we want to see a change in the land; church we need to humble ourselves, pray, seek the Lord's face and turn from our wicked ways. Then the Lord will hear from heaven; forgive our sins and heal our land.

Church, it's time to wake up and pray, because the Lord wants to heal the land, but He's waiting on us; the church; we who confess to be Christians, to stand on His word. He is waiting for us to stop denying who He is and what He said. It's time we stop being as little children tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine. It's time to grow up, and start boldly speaking the truth, and speak it in love so people will be drawn unto Him. It's time to WAKE UP CHURCH AND PRAY!

Shearon Hurst
Inspiring you with Chosen Words to bless your life.
       Read Now - http://bit.ly/1ykQ5o8                    Read Now- http://bit.ly/TvebGB


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If you want to unleash the power of God into your life or into your business, listen closely to what our guest, Mr Robert Bakke will share with you.   

Robert Bakke is the author of an inspiring book, which spent 41 straight weeks as an Amazon Best Seller.  The title of this amazing book is “Prayer at Full Throttle” and he is using this High Octane Best Seller to help people reach their highest level of achievement.   

Listen and learn the six simple things you can do to pray with performance to make miracles happen in your life and in the lives of your loved ones. Mr. Bakke says, “It’s time to accept the full Gospel; full throttle of God’s word, and when we finally believe every word of God to be true, it will produce the greatest thrill ride ever.

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What do you do when all around you has collapsed? What do you do when it seems like everything you touch falls apart? What do you do when it feels like the enemy has unleashed a Tsunami on your life and wiped out everything you had? What do you do when your family and friends desert you just when you need them the most, and the only thing you can think about is giving up?  Listen to ‘When Things Fall Apart” and you will be encouraged to have P.E.P. P. (You will have to listen to the broadcast to find out what that means) and take back what the enemy stole from you.

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A GPS and Travel Guide to navigate you through the Healing Journey

Guest: Marilynn Vanderstaay


Listen as Marilynn talks about how she overcame five cancers, including brain tumors, and her subsequent climb up the steep mudslide of extreme brain damage. In spite of all that she became a published journalist, inspirational speaker, life skills trainer, artisan and community investment specialist. Marilynn’s neurologist said he’d never seen someone come out of such extreme brain trauma with such vigor and success.


In her soon to be released book,

Inside the Healing Journey
, Marilynn will share with those dealing with life threatening, debilitating, and chronic diagnosis what she did to overcome it all. The book will also include the information we discussed on the show
  • The four decisions she made right in the doctor’s office
  • Her Fire Drill – A plan to Get Out of  a Crisis  Effectively - (will be posted on the website)
Marilynn’s book, Inside the Healing Journey, is not an autobiography, but a how to book for those dealing with life threatening, disabling and/ or chronic dis-ease. It deals with healing from a perspective of wholeness ... spirit, soul and body, financially and socially.
 Marilynn Vanderstaay http://insidethehealingjourney.com/
This show will bless and inspire you to press your way no matter what storm is raging in your life.
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When I started this devotional ministry, I can count on both hands the number of members I had.  I didn’t despise the small beginning, because I was being obedient.  He said to write so that they will know that He is real.  And I began to write… Every day was blessed.  Now, I know you’re saying nobody has a good day every day.  I didn’t say every day was good, I said every day was blessed.  No matter what I went through; I knew I was blessed.  I knew things could be worse.  Despite whatever I was going through, I wrote in obedience.  And I know it was because of the obedience I gave the Lord, that He blessed me; His way, and His timing.  He gave me favor one year ago and brought Barbara Beach and I together and created Still Small Voice Radio Show. 

And this is a perfect time to let the Lord know I’ve never forgotten what He taught me about obedience. Therefore, I knew I had to share with you my story about what happens when we willfully disobey the Lord.  Did you know we are causing the Lord pain when we willfully disobey Him?  I didn’t know that; then one day the Lord allowed me to go through a portion of the pain He felt when His children willfully disobey Him.


The Lord spoke these words to me that night, and I’ve never forgotten them:

“My child, what you are feeling; this pain, this pain, is a portion of what I feel when My children willfully disobey Me.  I feel what you feel; and yes, it hurts.  It hurts Me when My children know the truth, and yet they disobey My words.  If only they knew; if only they knew.  Yes, your pain is great.  Never forget this night.  Never forget the pain that you feel; it will keep you close to My heart.  Now, I will heal you of your pain.  Yes, I will remove it; I will remove it.  Rest now My daughter, all is well.  Leave it in My hands, I will remove it.


I pray that as you listen to this broadcast that the Lord will minister to your spirit and cause you to think about the times you knew what you were doing was wrong, and yet you did it anyway, just because you could.  I want you to think about the times you willfully disobeyed the Lord; knowing that because of His mercy, He would forgive you.  He loves us so much and wants to do great things for us, but because of disobedience, we tie His hands.  Listen to this message of love from the Lord, and I pray it brings a breakthrough in your life.
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The Still Small Voice/Cam Tribolet Author of Dead 13 Times

dead 13 timesGuest Cam Tribolet, author of “DEAD 13 TIMES," shares his amazing story about “Learning to Live After Dying” Cam triplet is many things – a living miracle, an amputee, a husband and father, a public speaker, TV personality, a hunter, a skier, a volunteer, an architectural engineer.…he’s a man with an amazing story.

 Cam’s story begins with a shooting that caused him to die 13 times before awakening to a new reality… a life without his legs.  Cam lost his job, fiancé, and the will to live.  He became addicted to pain medications and contemplated suicide when God intervenes through a loving nurse, and physical therapist names Sue (who would become his wife). Listen and journey with Cam as he shares his story of physical rehabilitation and spiritual restoration.  Cam’s life is a story of redemption, perseverance, hope and inspiration to all; and a reminder that God is a God of amazing second chances.After you hear Cam’s amazing story; I know you will want to read “DEAD 13 TIMES."  It’s filled with drama, adventure, heartbreak, love, and hope. DEAD 13 TIMES will:

  • Inspire you to press your way regardless of the circumstances. 
  • Make you aware that God has that special someone just for you.   
  • It will cause you to renew your faith in the Lord.
  • For more information about Cam Tribolet and his book:DEAD 13 TIMES: http://www.dead13times.whitakerhouse.com/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/cam.tribolet
  • Website: The Way Outfitters: www.thewayoutfitters.com
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