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Motivation to Meet Fitness Goals

Zack Prager, Creator/Developer,
Finding new ways to encourage self-control and meet fitness goals using innovative app based on applied positive psychology.
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Value of Audio Commentary

Nate Brakke, Founder, Soal the Voice Archive App
New app that allows voice annotation of pictures to preserve memories and promote sharing.
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Brain Training For The Masses

Ariel Garten, Co-Founder and CEO, Interaxon
Building stronger brains, improving self-control, and value of real-time feedback about how our brains work using consumer friendly medical device.
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Improving Trauma Care With Wireless Devices

Dr. Larissa Roux, Chief Medical Officer,
Streamlining trauma response by incorporating technology throughout the critical first 6 hours of treatment.  T6 has developed a mobile electronic platform that assists trauma teams in collecting and analyzing clinical data in real time, at the point of care, during trauma resuscitations by using iPads and overhead screens to opitmize communication and draw on predictive models and big data to improve response in crisis situations.
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Experiential Wellness

Dr. Ari Levitt, Medical Faculty Singularity University and Founder
Changing the wellness paradigm to focus on what brings patients joy and how social dancing improves health and makes people smarter.
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Using Games To Address Chronic Conditions

Swatee Surve, Founder and CEO, Litesprite
Development of games for treating depression and other chronic conditions and determining what personal data is relevant to improving health.
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Crowd-Sourcing Dermatological Information

Dr. Howard Green, Founder and CEO,
Innovative medical info tech company brings gamification, professionally guided search and immediate feedback to patient with skin conditions.
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Improving Driver Safety

Marwan Hannon, President and CEO, Driving Management Systems
Installing sensors into cars to block use of mobile devices by the driver to reduce distraction and sense use of alcohol.
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Computers For Dogs

Leo Trottier, Founder and Clever Executive Officer, Clever Pet
Innovative wi-fi enabled device to engage dogs in play and provide mental stimulation and impact on the relationship with their guilty humans.
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Improving Interactions with Medical Devices

Sean Saint, CEO,
Wireless innovations in medical devices particularly for type 1 diabetics.
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Virtual Engagement With Seniors

Kian Saneii, CEO,
Innovative use of televisions to maintain independence and build stronger relationships with seniors to promote health and well being.
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iHealth Includes Improving Mental Health

Jacques Habra and Jonathan Schooler, Professor Psych and Brain Sciences, UCSB
Need for standards for personal data collection devices, building predictive models to identify behavior triggers and how scientists and engineers work together to create consumer friendly mental health tools.
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