The Empowered Patient

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Helping People Stay Healthy

John E. Mattison, M.D., Chief Medical Information Officer and Assistant Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente
Seeing people and not just patients, healthy aging and how the team approach to healthcare includes social connections.
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Phototherapy For Skin Diseases

Martyn Gross, Founder, Skylit, Using UVB light to treat skin conditions caused by the immune system.
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Empowering People To Lead Healthy Lives

Dr. Glenn Wollman, Medical Guide and Host, Magical Medical Tour, Exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management, spirituality and positive patterns of behavior all contribute to overall good health.

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Big Data and Population Health

Mark Hagland, Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare Informatics, Incentives for improving care management and the need for interoperability and cultural changes to move from fee for services to paying for outcomes.
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Individualized Online Care For Diabetics

Gary Miner, Founder, mHealthSys, Vivos self health-focused solution for diabetics includes live expert support and tracking of vital signs and food consumption.
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Blood Donors

David Wellis, PhD, CEO, San Diego Blood Bank, innovations in the blood business and asking for consent to participate in research from blood donors in addition to saving lives.
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Mobile Apps and Devices Improving Heart Health

Marco Peluso, Founder and CEO, Qardio, Wireless medical devices to address high blood pressure and cardio-vascular diseases with ability to share data with doctors and caregivers. 
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Blue Button Mobile Apps

Dr. Bettina Experton, President and CEO, Humetrix, Reducing medical errors, fast response in case of emergency, and other advantages to using the Blue Button standard to manage medical records on mobile devices.
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Breaking Down Silos to Improve Healthcare

Rob McCray, President and CEO, Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance, Technological, regulatory, and cultural changes needed to reach new goals for improved personal and public healthcare.
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Online Community Supports Patients and Caregivers

 Roni Zeiger, CEO, Smart Patients, Drawing on the strength of the crowd to learn about treatments, clinical trials and latest science.

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The Connected Health Ecosystem: Insights from Frost & Sullivan

Daniel Ruppar, Global Research Director for Frost & Sullivan's Connected Health Practice.  Disruptive technologies that are changing the doctor/patient relationship and how vendors and care facilities are challenged to integrate data streams.
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Good Vibrations

Lee Hillman, CEO, Performance Health Systems - Power Plate
Harmonic vibrations trigger muscle response and benefits athletes, seniors, disabled, and anyone who wants to improve health, strength and bones. 
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