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Patient-Evidence Based Treatments

Julia Schopick, Patient Advocate and Author Honest Medicine
Speaking the language of doctors in order to try new as well as old therapies and specialized diets when traditional approaches are not working.
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Celebrating Community Health Workers and How Mobile is Changing Their Impact

Cindil Redick, Manager of Advocacy & Special Projects for the One Million Community Health Workers Campaign at the Earth Institute and Andrew Schroeder, Director of Research and Analysis,
Illustrating the work of community health workers through an Esri supported Story Map and how mobile technology is changing the way data is collected in Sub-Saharan Africa and what it means for healthcare in the most remote regions.
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Connected Home Data Measures Changes in Behavior

Bernice Hollins, Senior Vice President,   @Evrmind
Using innovative technology to monitor behavior related to turning electrical devices on and off throughout the day and using that data to create predictive models to help spot problems early.
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Reducing Over-Treatment and Improving Outcomes

Dr. Vikas Saini, President and Shannon Brownlee, Senior VP, Lown Institute  @LownInstitute
Viewing medical care as a common good rather than just another business, obstacles to changing healthcare, and getting better answers about costs and expectations before treatments.
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Parkinson's and Breast Cancer Medical Apps Developed Using Apple ResearchKit

Dr. Stephen Friend, President and Co-Founder, Sage Bionetworks
Democratizing access to medical information and research using mobile apps for Parkinson's and breast cancer using open source ReseachKit just introduced by Apple.
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Apple iWatch, Data Collection and Improving Healthcare

Dr. Steven Steinhuble, Director Digital Medicine, Scripps Translational Science Institute
Value of continuous tracking of health data, resistance to constant reminders about chronic conditions, and research opportunities for learning about more variations of disease states.
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Customized Medical Data for Patients and Caregivers

Tal Givoly, CEO,
Providing current, curated, customized information for those with chronic conditions and serious diseases to inform and activate patients and caregivers as well as doctors.
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Global Life Science Partnering Conference in San Diego

Joe Panetta, President and CEO,
Partnering with big pharma, growth and promise of connected health, and where investments in life sciences are growing.
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Measuring Gait and Heart Rate Through Smart Garments

Davide Vigano, CEO and Co-Founder, Sensoria,
Advances in clothing with sensors that allow for real time feedback about walking, running and other activities and ways to reduce injuries
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Improving Hospital to Home Transition

Laura Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer,
Amplifying professional medical care with digital connections and how mobile devices and wearables can be used to improve care especially for those in long term facilities.
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Building on the Strength of Electronic Medical Records

Debi Willis, CEO and Founder, PatientLink
Moving from a doctor top-down view to a patient-centric systems of access to data and how patients are becoming empowered to find clinical trials and others with similar conditions.
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Cuban Healthcare Opportunities and Challenges

Frequent traveler to Cuba reports on the state of Cuban healthcare with a behind the scenes view of a new hospital.
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