The Empowered Patient

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Empowering The Wheelchair Bound

Kathy Mondotte, Founder and Inventor,
Customization of wheelchairs and walkers to reflect mood and style and why it matters.
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GIS and Emergency Response

Andrew Travis, CEO,
Geo-spatial data, indoor tracking, the cloud and private group messaging for rapid response to natural disasters and other emergencies.
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New Registry Addresses Genetic Heart Diseases

Wendy Borsari, Patient Research Liaison,
Launch of international registry of clinical data on individuals with genetic heart diseases.
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Measuring and Making Sense of Brain Activity

Chris Berka, CEO, Advanced Brain Monitoring
Creating predictive models to influence behavior and address and enhance brain functions.
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Providing Enhanced Home Care

Laura Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer,
Appeal of technology for care receivers as well as home care providers and medical professionals.
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Raising Awareness About Health and Lifestyle Options

Dr. Samir Damani, Founder and CEO,
High impact results require more awareness about all factors that determine health.
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Sensing Cases for Mobile Phones

Jacob Fraden, Ph.D. Founder and President, 
Customizing smart phones to facilitate non-contact temperature, blood glucose and other readings.
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Keeping Care Recipients Independent

Kian Saneii, CEO and Chairman,
Creating user friendly interfaces on television as well as mobile devices to provide services to seniors.
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Blue Button and Access to Patient Data

Lygeia Ricciardi, Director of the Office of Consumer eHealth, HHS
Why consumers should care about Blue Button, who has access to digital medical records, and privacy challenges of patient generated data.
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Moving to Value Oriented Healthcare

Dr. David Gruber, Managing Director and Director of Research,
Stakeholders in the healthcare environment, who is motivated to change and potential of wireless tools and social media.
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Promise of Big Health Data

Dr. David Gruber, Managing Director and Director of Research,
Breaking down information silos, encouraging self-care, and addressing at-risk communities.
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Medical Alert 2.0

Andy Schoonover, President and Executive Chairman, VRI,
Using predictive data to improve in-home care for seniors and those with chronic conditions.
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