The Empowered Patient

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Mobile Solution for Improving Clinical Trials

David Turner, CEO,
Clinical trial recruitment and retention improved dramatically with enterprise wide mobile solution and social media outreach.
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Investment in Medical Data Base Solution

Ari Tulla, CEO,
Using government data base on doctors enhanced with ratings and friendly user-interface to build innovative business model to empower patients and doctors.
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Innovative Sweat Sensors

Josh Windmiller, Co-Founder and CEO,
Screen printed skin sensors that measure bio markers from sweat and transmit data to mobile devices.
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Personalized Pharmaceuticals

Blake Powers, COO,
Compounding drugs to better meet needs and personalization from microbiome insights.
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Empowering The Wheelchair Bound

Kathy Mondotte, Founder and Inventor,
Customization of wheelchairs and walkers to reflect mood and style and why it matters.
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GIS and Emergency Response

Andrew Travis, CEO,
Geo-spatial data, indoor tracking, the cloud and private group messaging for rapid response to natural disasters and other emergencies.
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New Registry Addresses Genetic Heart Diseases

Wendy Borsari, Patient Research Liaison,
Launch of international registry of clinical data on individuals with genetic heart diseases.
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Measuring and Making Sense of Brain Activity

Chris Berka, CEO, Advanced Brain Monitoring
Creating predictive models to influence behavior and address and enhance brain functions.
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Providing Enhanced Home Care

Laura Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer,
Appeal of technology for care receivers as well as home care providers and medical professionals.
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Raising Awareness About Health and Lifestyle Options

Dr. Samir Damani, Founder and CEO,
High impact results require more awareness about all factors that determine health.
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Sensing Cases for Mobile Phones

Jacob Fraden, Ph.D. Founder and President, 
Customizing smart phones to facilitate non-contact temperature, blood glucose and other readings.
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Keeping Care Recipients Independent

Kian Saneii, CEO and Chairman,
Creating user friendly interfaces on television as well as mobile devices to provide services to seniors.
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