The Empowered Patient

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Digital Emphasis Drives Convenience for Customers and Pharmacists

Adam Pellegrini, Vice President of Digital Health,
Motivating and rewarding healthy behavior by integrating personal data allows Walgreens to provide more convenient 24/7 service, popularity of scan to refill and other mobile app functions, and the changing role of the pharmacists.
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Developing Dramatically New Systems of Care

Dr. Steven Steinhubl, Director of Digital Medicine, Scripps Translational Science Institute  @SteveSteinhubl
Preview of the upcoming Transforming Medicine: Evidence-Driven mHealth conference where the goal will be to jumpstart efforts to drive development of evidence-based mobile health solutions.
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Improving Social Engagement With Healthcare Players

Tony Rindsberg, CMO, Soci  @meetsoci
Using innovative content scoring model to improve quality of social media posts and engagement particularly for health related and rapid response online activities.
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Evaluating Medical Mobile Apps

Dr. Glenn Wollman, Medical Guide and Host
Innovations in medical mobile apps, opportunities for doctors and patients to improve understanding of conditions and personalize care, and what makes a good medical mobile app.
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Using Facial Coding to Determine Presence and Intensity of Pain in Children

Marni Bartlett, Ph.D., Founder and Lead Scientist, Emotient  @emotientinc
Study conducted by the University of California San Diego reveals value of using facial coding to better understand pain in children and using facial signals to detect genuine emotions and to reduce bias in treatment.
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Expectations of Healthcare Providers For Cost Savings Improved Outcomes

Devin Gross, CEO, Emmi Solutions   @emmisolutions
Providing a platform for healthcare providers to enable patients and doctors to build stronger relationships using technology to drive efficiencies and improve care.
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Wearable Medical Devices Get Miniaturized

Wearable Medical Devices Get Miniaturized
Robert Stone, CEO and Founder and Larry Czapla, Chairman,
Dramatic change in the use of sensors in medical devices and wearables due to miniaturization and other advances in technology and the need for wearables to be easy to use.
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Innovative Health Rate and Photo Apps

Sanjay Nichani, CEO,  
Heart Rate Touch app accurately measures heart rate using the iPhone camera and Squeak16 allows for annotation of images and creation of videos with uses for medical advice.
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Convergence Summit on Connected Health

Rob McCray, President and CEO, Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance
Upcoming 10th Annual Convergence Summit brings together medical, technology and policy thought leaders to drive partnerships and innovation in connected health and the move from data collection to knowledge about appropriate medical treatments.
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Already Well Starts with Respect

Dr. Denee Jordan Clinical Psychologist  @AlreadyWell
Need to reward what works and developing and maintaining respect for ourselves leads to better health.
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Building Robust Infrastructure For Senior Care

Ravi Bala, Co-Founder, HealthSignals 
Rising expectations of seniors and their family members for secure, reliable and fast Wi-Fi access for tracking health and providing entertainment and engagement.
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Patient-Evidence Based Treatments

Julia Schopick, Patient Advocate and Author Honest Medicine
Speaking the language of doctors in order to try new as well as old therapies and specialized diets when traditional approaches are not working.
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