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Zero Preventable Patient Deaths By 2020

Jim Bialick, President, Patient Safety Movement Foundation
Creating a culture of safety and accountability in hospitals to eliminate preventable deaths and lessons learned from Ebola outbreak.
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Patient Safety Science and Technology Summit

Jim Bialick, President, Patient Safety Movement Foundation
Need to share data and ideas to improve population health, finding medical cost savings and efficiencies, and role of patient advocates to accelerate changes.
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Advances in Cognitive Rehabilitation

Olari Koresaar, COO and Andres Mellik, CEO,
Treating neurological conditions like Alzheimer's and strokes with cloud based solution that supports health care professionals, patients and care providers.
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Sharing Health Info On Social Media

Malcolm Boehm, President and CEO,
Value of online targeting patients and care providers based on use of the web and social media.
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Drivers of Change in Healthcare Delivery

Paul Grundy, MD, Global Director, Healthcare Transformation, IBM
How health data is changing the doctor-patient relationship and providing new insights into behavior, and the impact of mobile on the access to medical care.
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Quantified Self and Data Algorithm Market

Jacques Habra, Entrepreneur,
Noospheric Incubator focuses on start-ups like with predictive models and mobile innovations that address mental and emotional well-being.
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Passive Sensing to Predict Decline

Bernice Hollins, Senior Vice President of Sales,
Supporting those aging independently by monitoring use of electric devices and appliances with alerts for significant changes in behavior.
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Never Too Late To Learn New Skills

Arsen Marsoobian, author, Don't Die:
3 Essential Truths For Your Fulfilled and Happy Life 
Thinking about retirement with new eyes and techniques for thriving despite serious life and health challenges.
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Cyber-Attacks on Hospitals

Bruce Anderson, Founder, Cyber Investigation Services
Who the hackers are and why they are targeting care providers to get patient information and to disrupt medical devices and why hospitals are unaware of the potential for attacks.
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Using Humor to Change the Narrative and Overcome Challenges

Vicki Hannah Lein, Founder,
Impact of smiling and laughter and using humor to alter the narrative to reduce frustration and anger.
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Aging in Place

Barb Beach, Chief Content Producer,
Insights from recent Red Hat Ladies conference on enabling aging men and women to remain independent and relevant.
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Trans-Disciplinary Collaboration Necessary For Wireless Healthcare Progress

Rob McCray, President and CEO, Wireless Life Sciences Alliance
Driving the convergence of a wide range of industries to advance developments in the wireless medical and healthcare landscape.
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