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Need For More Mental Health Awareness

Dr. Glenn Wollman, Medical Guide and Host Magical Medical Tour
Mood disorders, genetic and environmental influences and other questions raised by the suicide of Robin Williams.
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Empowering Health Care Providers on the Move

Mike Wons, President and CEO, CellTrak Technologies
Enterprise-wide mobile enabled solution for home health care reduces costs and paperwork and improves outcomes.
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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Dr. Robert Boock, CEO and CTO,
Advanced sensor for non-invasive glucose monitoring changes compliance and awareness for diabetics as well as athletes and the overweight.
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Mobile Solution for Improving Clinical Trials

David Turner, CEO,
Clinical trial recruitment and retention improved dramatically with enterprise wide mobile solution and social media outreach.
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Investment in Medical Data Base Solution

Ari Tulla, CEO,
Using government data base on doctors enhanced with ratings and friendly user-interface to build innovative business model to empower patients and doctors.
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Innovative Sweat Sensors

Josh Windmiller, Co-Founder and CEO,
Screen printed skin sensors that measure bio markers from sweat and transmit data to mobile devices.
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Personalized Pharmaceuticals

Blake Powers, COO,
Compounding drugs to better meet needs and personalization from microbiome insights.
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Empowering The Wheelchair Bound

Kathy Mondotte, Founder and Inventor,
Customization of wheelchairs and walkers to reflect mood and style and why it matters.
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GIS and Emergency Response

Andrew Travis, CEO,
Geo-spatial data, indoor tracking, the cloud and private group messaging for rapid response to natural disasters and other emergencies.
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New Registry Addresses Genetic Heart Diseases

Wendy Borsari, Patient Research Liaison,
Launch of international registry of clinical data on individuals with genetic heart diseases.
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Measuring and Making Sense of Brain Activity

Chris Berka, CEO, Advanced Brain Monitoring
Creating predictive models to influence behavior and address and enhance brain functions.
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Providing Enhanced Home Care

Laura Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer,
Appeal of technology for care receivers as well as home care providers and medical professionals.
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