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Global Life Science Partnering Conference in San Diego

Joe Panetta, President and CEO,
Partnering with big pharma, growth and promise of connected health, and where investments in life sciences are growing.
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Measuring Gait and Heart Rate Through Smart Garments

Davide Vigano, CEO and Co-Founder, Sensoria,
Advances in clothing with sensors that allow for real time feedback about walking, running and other activities and ways to reduce injuries
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Improving Hospital to Home Transition

Laura Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer,
Amplifying professional medical care with digital connections and how mobile devices and wearables can be used to improve care especially for those in long term facilities.
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Building on the Strength of Electronic Medical Records

Debi Willis, CEO and Founder, PatientLink
Moving from a doctor top-down view to a patient-centric systems of access to data and how patients are becoming empowered to find clinical trials and others with similar conditions.
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Cuban Healthcare Opportunities and Challenges

Frequent traveler to Cuba reports on the state of Cuban healthcare with a behind the scenes view of a new hospital.
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Infection Prevention in Hospitals and Homes

Brad Whitchurch, CEO, Seal Shield
How hospitals are addressing infection sources using water-proof devices, advanced air purification solutions and antimicrobial surfaces and how some of these techniques are being introduced into homes.
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Advanced Comfortable Headphones For Sleep and Running

We-Shin Lai, MD, CEO,
Development of wi-fi-enabled light-weight headphones for sleep enhancement, exercise and unexpected application for autistic kids.
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Report from CES

Barbara Beach, Chief Content Producer, Radioactive Broadcasting
Ingestible sensors, smart watches, smart shoes and more on the explosion of web enabled things.
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Motivation to Meet Fitness Goals

Zack Prager, Creator/Developer,
Finding new ways to encourage self-control and meet fitness goals using innovative app based on applied positive psychology.
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Value of Audio Commentary

Nate Brakke, Founder, Soal the Voice Archive App
New app that allows voice annotation of pictures to preserve memories and promote sharing.
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Brain Training For The Masses

Ariel Garten, Co-Founder and CEO, Interaxon
Building stronger brains, improving self-control, and value of real-time feedback about how our brains work using consumer friendly medical device.
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Improving Trauma Care With Wireless Devices

Dr. Larissa Roux, Chief Medical Officer,
Streamlining trauma response by incorporating technology throughout the critical first 6 hours of treatment.  T6 has developed a mobile electronic platform that assists trauma teams in collecting and analyzing clinical data in real time, at the point of care, during trauma resuscitations by using iPads and overhead screens to opitmize communication and draw on predictive models and big data to improve response in crisis situations.
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