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Late Night Health Radio

Late Night Health Radio offers a unique, entertaining and informative listening opportunity, while providing an upscale active audience for advertisers. Hosted by Mark Alyn, discusses all aspects of health from a consumers point of view.

Late Night Health features healthcare experts from a variety of traditional and alternative healthcare fields. Putting listeners in the driver’s seat of making healthcare decisions, Late Night Health offers diverse topics from experts throughout the world. Guests from around the United States, Australia, Costa Rica, France, Canada and Israel regular share information on Late Night Health.

Late Night Health covers a myriad of health and wellness topics including dealing with diabetes, weight-loss, obesity and cancer to the latest practices in pain management, stress reduction, preventative health care and even how “ObamaCare” affects all Americans.

In addition to radio show listeners can visit www.latenighthealth.com for all archived shows, along with information about our guests. The Late Night Health Youtube Channel launches in late 2013 with a variety of videos relating to health. Check us out at www.latenighthealth.com.

For a look behind the scenes visit: http://www.latenighthealth.com/a-peek-behind-the-scenes.html 

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The One Woman Three Men Dating Strategy (Part 1)

Mark Alyn interviews Pouline Middleton, Danish-born author of One Woman Three Men, a novel based on her own love life.

Pouline had been disappointed in a marriage that resulted in divorce and then a relationship with a man who cheated on her. She decided she needed a better approach to love and made a list of all the traits she wanted in a man. The three most important elements in a perfect relationship for her were: 1) someone she could have great conversations with, 2) someone to have a fun and varied sex life with, and 3) someone to help her with the handyman things around her home. She began searching online for three men. It was a unique, funny, and transparent experiment for all involved. After a period of time dating this way, she found one man who met all of her needs and they fell in love and married in 2014.

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Relationships 901 (part 1)

Mark and Steven Riznyk discuss the groundbreaking relationship program Relationships 901. It's a compelling conversation because the program not only helps people who are in a relationship, but also helps single people spot problem personalities before they get involved with them; that alone is worth its weight in gold.

Unlike the many programs out there that simply copy one another's content and rewrite it, this one creates fresh information. Information, that in Steven Riznyk's opinion, one should not venture into the relationship world without. "It's a minefield out there," he states, "And you simply cannot have enough information to help you make wise decisions." This is your life and your happiness you are playing with, and you simply cannot take it seriously enough as an imbalance in this part of your life can affect all other parts and rapidly."

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How Science Is Used In Real-Life Spy Games (part 1)

Have you ever wondered how science is used in real-life spy games? How accurately is science and medicine being portrayed in movies, books, and other forms of pop culture? Dr. Curtis Harris, a world-renowned cancer scientist and chief of the Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis at the NIH National Cancer Institute and author of the new spy thriller, HIGH HAND, joins us to discuss how science is used in real-life spy games.

We'll learn about the kinds of technology being used to make people reveal information, the kinds of lethal poisons that are used in espionage, and how beloved characters like James Bond have influenced the science of spying.

Dr. Harris serves as editor in chief of the scientific journal Carcinogenesis. His novel, High Hand, written with co-authors James Rosen (an award-winning Pentagon journalist) and James Ellenberger (a former senior official of a national labor federation), using the pseudonym Curtis J. James, takes on hot-button issues and opens up the covert worlds of the CIA and SVR.

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Coffee Is A Superfood (part1)

Did you know coffee is a superfood? Dr Bob Arnot joins Late Night Health to talk all about coffee. After years of reporting about the health risks of coffee, former medical correspondent Dr. Bob Arnot says he was wrong about the bean that is now being touted as one of the most inexpensive superfoods that possess a wide range of health benefits. However, he cautions that you need to know your coffee, and how to brew it and consume it to make sure you are unlocking all the health benefits found in those beans.

Dr. Arnot breaksdown the most compelling studies on coffee that are making health headlines today such as how coffee can help with depression, longevity and endurance. Dr Arnot also shares with Mark Alyn what people need to know to become a coffee connoisseur and reap the most health benefits from their favorite brew.

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Moving Forward After Grief (part 1)

Mali Phonpadith, Founder and CEO of the SOAR Community Network (SCN), joins Mark Alyn on Late Night Health. Mali is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and marketing strategist. She is also an accomplished poet, television show producer and podcaster who helps small business SOAR in the market. All these roles and titles may sound impressive, but arriving here hasn't been an easy road.

Mali and her family escaped war-torn Laos in 1979 and arrived in the United States when she was just 5 years old. She did not grow up with money and privilege. Her parents worked two or three jobs to support their four children. Mali and her siblings learned early in life, the importance of hard work and determination. Mali began working in a fast-food restaurant when she was fifteen years old and hasn't stopped working since. Stress, worry and fear of "not having" ruled most of her young life. This "conditioning" continues to be a part of her life but with a lot of personal development work, her awareness guides her to live more calmly and have a sense of freedom that she wasn't able to tap into when she was growing up.

When Mali turned 27, she began facing terrible tragedies. In 2003, she lost her fiancé and a family member in a drowning accident. Two years after this painful event, she lost her godfather and 6 months thereafter, suffered the sudden death of her father to a 3-week battle with cancer. Two years later, her best friend passed away, then her uncle to cancer and, most recently, her grandmother to illness. She has weathered seven major losses in less than 10 years. The constant grief can take a toll on the body, heart and mind.

Mark interviews Mali to explore all the ways in which she walked through the grief and continued moving forward, even with all the losses she has had to endure. They discuss practices, techniques, and the emotional stamina required to move from tragedy and trauma toward living every day with intention and purpose.

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Ayurveda Secrets For Health And Beauty (Part 1)

Ayurveda Secrets For Health And Beauty, with plastic surgery and Botox injections becoming the norm, especially in Hollywood, Dr. Christine Horner tells Mark Alyn the real answer for beauty is from within. On Late Night Health, the plastic surgeon shares her Ayurveda secrets for health and beauty.

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic medical system that is thousands of years old. The premise is that keeping the body in balance keeps the body healthy. Using the basic precepts of Ayurveda, Dr. Horner discusses with Mark Alyn the real way to true beauty and health: exercise, a natural diet free from preservatives and supplements.

Horner talks about the release of her new book " "Radiant Health, Ageless Beauty" on Late Night Health. The book showcases a daily routine that will not only help women and men reclaim their natural beauty but keep them healthy as well.

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