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Danielle Roberts: Changes Coming to Medicare in 2021

Minda talks with Danielle Roberts who works with Boomer Benefits which help people navigate Medicare. Boomer Benefits helps people find what plans work best for them and what changes are coming in 2021. boomerbenefits.com

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Christopher Pope: Health Care admits Covid 19

Christopher Pope is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Previously, he was director of policy research at West Health, a nonprofit medical research organization; health-policy fellow at the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce; and research manager at the American Enterprise Institute. Pope’s research focuses on healthcare payment policy, and he has recently published reports on hospital-market regulation, entitlement design, and insurance-market reform. www.manhattan-institute.org

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Topher Wurts for Autism Village

Autism Village, There are a myriad of educational apps on the internet for parents of autistic children, but Autism Village is different. Autism Village is producing apps which are especially designed to be useful for managing life with autism and which are based on their community of autism “Villagers”. www.autismvillage.com

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Dr. Mayer for: The Patient Safety Movement

The Patient Safety Movement Mission goal is to get to ZERO preventable patient deaths! There mission is to have preventable patient deaths by 2030 Mission: Focusing to eliminate preventable harm and death in healthcare across the world by creating a sense of urgency and unifying humanity. patientsafetymovement.org

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Glenn Klein Author of: Early Wake Up Call

Glenn Klein is an author, life coach, podcaster, award winning radio talk show host, entrepreneur, former summer camp owner. father of six and grandfather of two.

Glenn co-founded Advocates for Young Athletes, a non-profit advocacy group motivating and educating adults on how to utilize sports, recreation, and nutrition to positively affect young people through AYA’s “Young Jocks Radio”.

Glenn Co-Hosted the broadcast with former Major Leaguer (and current Tampa Bay Ray Broadcaster) Orestes Destrade in Miami. He then went on to host a noon-time Daily Radio Talk Show, “Glenn Klein Online” in the Tampa Bay area covering such topics as politics, religion, sports, parenting, and relationships.

Coach Glenn's book - Early Wake Up Call: how a coach's early warnings about the pandemic can help you now. coachglennklein.com 


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Victorianne Walton - Breast Cancer Advocate, It's In The Genes

It’s In The Genes, a health advocacy organization dedicated to serving as a critical voice in today’s culture, advancing awareness and research, to mitigate the impact of legacy diseases on the lives of the most vulnerable populations throughout the United States. It’s In The Genes, provides much needed community outreach to minority populations with an emphasis on identifying and eliminating clinical risk factors for disease. Through its dedication to wellness and prevention, It’s In The Genes, will begin to decrease the ethnic disparities, which currently plague our existing health care system. www.itsinthegenes.com

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Sanjay Sehgal on Tech Health

Sanjay Sehgal has over two decades of executive management and entrepreneurial experience in industries comprising enterprise software, system sales, marketing, and operations. Over the years, he built successful engineering, sales, and marketing organizations; raised venture and strategic funding; involved in product development and launches; established and managed partner relationships with several industry leaders; and oversaw multiple company acquisitions. www.msystechnologies.com

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Dr. Keith Kanner PhD, CCF

Dr. Keith Kanner developed a research-based 3-Month , 90-Minute a week Life Changing Program for Children, Teenagers, & Adults. This program combines a number of techniques and activities that have shown to expediate change over a 12-week period of time. Follow up studies confirm that the results last .
Dr. Kanner Program is based on the combination of the following Theories : Learning Theory ; Normal Developmental Theory ; Attachment Theory ; Mindfullness Models and ; Exercise & Nutrition Guidelines.
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Mia Roseberry For Wounded Warrior Home

The Wounded Warrior Home Project at Fort Belvoir brings together the Army, Clark Realty Capital, Michael Graves & Associates, IDEO, and numerous other partners to pursue a unified mission to drastically improve quality of life for the increasing number of Wounded Warriors returning to active duty at Fort Belvoir. In November 2011, our team unveiled two new single-family homes, radically redesigned to better meet the needs of these deserving soldiers' new "normal." We hope that this project functions as a model for new accessible homes nationwide and spurs a national dialogue about the importance of properly serving those who have served us.  www.woundedwarriorhome.org

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Rich Sagall for Needy Meds

NeedyMeds is a 501(c)(3) national non-profit that connects people to programs that will help them afford their medications and other healthcare costs. NeedyMeds educates and empowers those seeking affordable healthcare. Our vision is affordable healthcare for all. www.needymeds.org

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CopShock: Surviving (PTSD)

Allen R. Kates, BCECR, MFAW, is a trauma expert and journalist whose contact with police officers in the United States and Canada spans more than 35 years. He is author of the book, CopShock Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), praised as the definitive survival guide for PTSD sufferers.

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BRIAN BOYD on Covid 19 and Government

Brian Boyd is a 30-plus year professional intelligence analyst and counter terrorism specialist. He is a former Green Beret, and was part of the leadership of the Joint Special Operations Command which oversees the Special Forces, Seal Team 6 and the Delta Force. He also served in the Departments of Defense, Justice & Treasury and regularly appears on radio and TV discussing intelligence matters www.boydintelligence.com

The president's niece finally has her say today with the official launch of her book "Too Much is Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man”. The author, Mary Trump, is a clinical psychologist who examines her Uncle's upbringing and attempts to shed light on his personality.
"For all intents & purposes this is a Trump hit job written by someone who knows him her entire life," says former White House staffer, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism Expert and former Green Beret Brian Boyd (see short bio below).
It is an excerpt of Mary Trump writes, "Donald is much as he was at three years old: incapable of growing, learning, or evolving, unable to regulate his emotions, moderate his responses, or take in & synthesize information." Mary also writes about the president's father Fred who she claims "caused him terror," and scarred him for life.
So how much of it is true - and does it matter?
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