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Barbara Beach.

Veterans Take Charge Radio Show

The Veterans Take Charge Radio Show is dedicated to bringing our country’s warfighters, past, present, and future to you.  We share strong stories and tell hard truths while exploring local, national, and international issues that affect our military and civilian families.  Two US Army Veterans, a Ranger and a Medic #TakeChargeNow  and navigate Battlefield America for two hours in this high speed, low drag radio broadcast show. 

Justin Baker deployed twice to Afghanistan with the 75th Rangers and Dave Ramos deployed twice to Iraq with the 520th Area Support Medical Company.

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Raul Montes - USN

Damn strong talk all around.  Should we arm everyone for safety purposes?  Should we rid the nation of firearms to end mass shooting?  We talked about significant hot button issues like this, as well as political positions, draining the swamp, and social change.  The second hour was even better when former Navy Corpsman Raul Montes jumped in and we talked even more about guns, arming paramedics, commentary on recent media regarding the Parkland High shooting, and the imperative nature of knowing how to save a life.  Raul is the mind behind Full Spectrum Medic, a program that Ramos has significant faith in, and we discussed the education and training that will be provided.  Super special guest Malachias Gaskin jumped in and just made the show that much better!

David Nixon

We started this weeks show by discussing the “Forever GI Bill”, recapping some of the benefits the bill has to offer Veterans who were discharged after January 1, 2013. We took a call from an individual in the National Guard, who was about to fly out on deployment in Kosovo, who shared some some of his experiences with the GI Bill.  We touched on the fragile and questionable investment our government officials have in public education, it’s affect on young minds in our country, the correlation with an increased incidence of school shootings in the past couple decades, and in-studio guest David Nixon shared some valuable insight on the accessibility of education for disabled children. Air Force Veteran and photography student Will Kraintz joined us in the second hour to discuss his photo-documentary project entitled “We Are Still Here”, and described his goal of capturing as many portraits of Veterans as possible, across all demographics. His project will culminate with a showing at the Veterans Memorial Building at the end of the school semester. If you are a Veteran interested in participating in this project, you can contact Will at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or connect with him at www.kraintzphotography.com to learn more.

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Marvin Ropp

This week we had 20 year Veteran and Navy SEAL Marvin Ropp on the show with us to discuss his military experience, authorship in preparation and survival, and the health of America's food supply. He shared some of his experiences in training and time with SEAL teams, talked about the savagery he saw in Kuwait and shed some bright light on crucial aspects of survival.  Marvin also brought great talk about his work with our mentor LTC Wallach and their book "Prepare: The Preppers Survival Bible".

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Jesse Silva

Former Army Infantry Veteran Jesse Silva is in studio with us to start the new year and celebrate our three year mark.  Jesse deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and bring us a unique and brilliant perspective on warfare, transition, life and death, and the culture of the Warfighter.  With degrees in both Philosophy and Political Science right around the corner, he shares his story and truth with some damn good insights into the self and reflection.  His experience of hiking the Pacific Coast Trail is primal and relatable, the emotions recalled are tangible and real for so many of us.  Start your year off right!

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All Five Branches

For the first time, we had Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the Coast Guard in studio for an amazing show.  Our guests each shared their stories of military experience, transition, hardship, the VA, and ideas moving forward.  This is the epitome of Strong Stories and Hard Truths.  We heard about sexual assault, homelessness, missed diagnoses, and unjust treatment in our own back yard.  The importance of sharing these stories is palpable and represents the exact reason why this show was started in the first place.

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Carmelo Rodriguez

Strong talk following last week's broadcast, this time trying to #HuntTheGoodStuff around the VA and a few new tools recently implemented to assist veterans and their access to care.  Accountability is the theme throughout and bleeds over into our discussion about the local homeless populations and some of our community's public comments.  Speaking of comments... we discussed the personal and professional impacts of El Rancho High School Teacher Gregory Salcido's controversial and anti-military/veteran rant that was caught on camera.  We were joined by US Army Veteran Carmelo Rodriguez (www.ADeadMan.com) of VetDocSeries to hear about his new Vlog and why veterans should get into politics.  #TakeChargeNow

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Jake Kemnec

Superbowl?  What Superbowl?  We were too busy discussing the importance of veterans in the workforce, overcoming barriers to employability, and how to encourage others to #TakeChargeNow.  Having West Point Graduate and Army Veteran Jake Kemnec in studio was the perfect way to enjoy this Sunday.  We talked with Jake about his military experience, transition, and time working in the arena of veteran employment.  His passion and dedication to our warfighters has led him from corporate monotony to helping our brethren in a very important way.  Scope it out and share the encouragement.

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George Patrin

It's not every day you get to call your Commander by their first name.  This week Ramos talked with one of his most influential Commanders, COL (ret.) George Patrin.  Not only does Doctor Patrin have an extensive career in the medical field, both hands-on and as administrative leadership, his continued passion gained strength through adversity when his youngest son killed himself after seeking the exact care that George has been seeking to fortify.  Through this, the Serendipity Alliance (www.SerendipityAlliance.org) was born and on mission to educate, advocate, and support not only our country's veterans, but their families as well.  Ultimate goal - End Suicide.  We talked about the healthcare model and the differences between "Sickcare" and "Healthcare", where to hold accountability, and the importance of #TakeChargeNow  Share this with those you love!

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Cyrus Kamkar

This is the last live broadcast of 2017 on KSCO and we ended with an intelligent young man who represents the future in studio with us.  Cyrus Kamkar has a unique and interesting passion for our country's Warfighters and has been presented the opportunity to utilize his passion for a school project.  What started as a focus on WWII veterans has morphed into a cultural immersion into the veteran life.  We recapped some of the highlights of 2017 and caught some great calls.  This is a great way to end 2017 and prepare for 2018.  #ProudAndSteadfast

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Jordon Kestner

Our conversation cuts through the heart of rhetoric and into cold, hard facts.  Despite personal opinions, there may be huge opportunities on the way for America with President Trump's name attached.  We talked about a few current events, one in great detail, and generated strong phone calls.  One caller in particular attempted to bring some heat but ended up with contradictory sweats...  The second hour was all about help and communication.  Army Veteran Jordon Kestner of Tennessee is the head of Operation Help a Vet and Stealth Performance Communication and holy crap, this veteran exemplifies #TakeChargeNow.  We talked about his experience and extensive modalities of helping the homeless, veterans in particular, and how coordinated his efforts are.  His experience and intentions brought us to the topic of disaster prevention and communication.  Jordon is changing the game of technical and systemic communication with his developments!  You do not want to miss this.

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Sex and Congress

This show was overwhelmingly charged with graphic and almost controversial personal testimony of sexual assault.  The victim has come forth and shared some very strong and challenging testimony in Baker.  Gianna Matthews joins the conversation with sharp commentary and some much needed perspective regarding victim's rights and false accusations.  During the second hour we talked about the presidents left by previous court rulings and is congress should be confined to term limits.  All this and more!

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Air Force Veteran Keenan Roop

This week Baker was talking some strong shop with Air Force Veteran Keenan Roop!  They discussed the future of #TakeChargeNow and what it means to lead from the front in business and mentorship.  With wellness being at the heart of everything we do, the strongest weapon on the battlefield is being used in full effect!  The cell, immigration, motivations to Take Charge, the direction of intent... these are some strong themes in this weeks conversation!

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