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Wholehearted Parenting...a show for parents who want to parent consciously, in the moment and from the heart. Being a parent is the most important job you’ll ever have. Parents are often confused and frustrated by their child’s behavior, yet children don’t come with instructions. Bonnie Compton, a child & adolescent therapist, parent coach, Mom, grandmother and host of Wholehearted Parenting knows the ups and downs of being a parent. Join Bonnie and her guests as they inspire and empower you to become the parent you want to be. They will offer information and resources to help guide you through your parenting journey, and as Maya Angelou so wisely says, “When we know better...we do better.” Please join Bonnie now on Wholehearted Parenting Radio.

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Bonnie is often referred to as “Bonnie, Your Parent Coach”. Throughout her 25 year career as a pediatric nurse practitioner, child & adolescent therapist and parent coach, Bonnie has had the opportunity to partner with parents, as she helps them nurture their children and develop joyful, healthy relationships with them!   Bonnie offers workshops, tele-classes and retreats, all designed to help empower parents, in both their role as a parent and as an individual.  She is also the host of Wholehearted Parenting Radio.  www.parentingpartners.info 

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GOOGLE EDUCATES CHILDREN…Both in and out of the Classroom

It's apparent that our world is rapidly changing with the advancement of technology. Although the internet was introduced to the public in the early nineties, which is not that long ago, it's hard to remember what life was like before then. Before we were able to google an answer to any question we might have! Kids and teens are so tech savvy. The current generation of kids are now being referred to as "digital natives", because they've grown up with this technology.
Traditional classrooms as we know them, are becoming a thing of the past. Teachers are beginning to understand that there are more effective ways to both engage and inspire kids. Through the web, traditional ways of teaching and learning are being transformed.
Google, which we're all familiar with and use on a daily basis, also helps to educate children. In order to learn more about Google in education, I've invited my guest Katie Christie to join me. Katie has a bachelor and master's degree in education. She is a Google Certified Teacher, Google Apps Qualified Individual, and CUE Lead Learner. She currently teaches fifth grade at Runyon Elementary School in Littleton, Colorado.
Listen in and you'll learn about...
• Google Apps and "flipping" a traditional classroom
• The benefits of using Google Apps, both in school and at home
• How this type of teaching can be individualized based on student's needs
• How parents benefit also...parents become in the know about classroom lessons and assignments
If you'd to see Google Apps for Education and a "flipped classroom" in the works, take a look at Katie's class.
If you'd like to connect with Katie, you can send her an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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I know you won’t want to miss my conversation with Hal Runkel, author of “Screamfree Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool”. Hal is licensed marriage and family therapist, relationship coach, and seminar speaker. He is also the founder of the Screamfree Institute.

OK parents, time for some openness and honesty…
• Do your kids push your buttons?
• Do you find yourself yelling at them, even though you swore you never would?
• Would you like to remain in control of your own behavior…no matter how your children are behaving?
I believe there is a better way! Please join my conversation with Hal, as we examine the importance of…
• Responding to your child rather than emotionally reacting to their behavior
• Becoming a “calming authority” for your child
• Sending loving, positive messages to children, while gaining their respect and cooperation

Please join us as we explore what Screamfree Parenting is all about!

“ScreamFree: learning to relate to others…in a calm, cool and connected way, taking hold of your own emotional responses no matter how anyone else chooses to behave; learning to focus on yourself and take care of yourself for the world’s benefit.”
~Hal Runkel
ScreamFree Parenting

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Virtual World Schools…The Future Of Education Is Now

I’m so happy you’ve joined our conversation today… parents, I think you and your children will find this topic fascinating and you’re going to want to learn more…we’re talking about school…not traditional school, but a virtual online school, complete with 3D virtual interactive worlds and avatars.

Sounds like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie but it’s here and now.

I truly believe the time has come for us to look at different ways that children learn…and we know that one size education does not fit all.

I’ve worked with many children who struggle in school, and just don’t fit the mold of traditional education. These children are bright and highly creative but have a difficult time sitting at their desk, learning in the traditional ways that school has been taught.

It’s also become evident that today’s children spend much more time on digital devices than in the past. Expecting children to learn as they used to, is not realistic…and does not seem to be working anymore.

We also know that when children are given the opportunity to express their creativity…they come to life…you can just see the creative sparkle in their eyes!

So today, I’ve invited my guest Jennifer Beard to join me as we explore a different approach to education. Jennifer is the Director for Curriculum Development at NOBLE Virtual School. She’s a dedicated and experienced teacher, educational technologist, and professional development facilitator. She is passionate about employing virtual worlds to engage students in learning by harnessing their curiosity and empowering them to think creatively, critically and collaboratively.

Jennifer shares that “the organizing committee of NOBLE Virtual School are educators and parents who want New Opportunities for Better Learning Environments for our students.”

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Helping Children Nurture our Earth

On today’s show, we’re going to have a conversation about the importance of teaching kids to live on this Earth consciously…and how we as adults can educate them and help them understand their important role in taking care of our planet.

I do believe that we each can make a difference, and if we empower kids to do their part….just think about the difference that they can make collectively!

So today I’ve asked my guest Patti Romano to join me…her enthusiasm and passion about her work is so evident. Patti is a lifelong avid wildlife supporter and conservationist. Seven years ago, Patti Romano and her partner Bobby Donohue, got together and decided to inspire and empower children in a fun and lively way to take care of the precious Earth and wildlife around them. Armed with their original cartoon characters shaped like Bones and lots of enthusiasm, Patti researched, wrote and filmed, while Bobby animated, drew and and sang their way to producing what is now the Planet Bonehead environmental/science tv series.

With unmatchable eco-enthusiasm, a passion for writing, and a determination to educate with enthusiasm, Patti is the heart and soul behind Planet Bonehead’s mission and their lively, inspiring, empowering educational documentaries.
Hope you’ll join us!

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Bedwetting…the Best Kept Secret

Parents, I want to let you in on a little secret! At least I think it’s one of the most top secrets among parents and children…bedwetting. Did you know that only 15% of kids, after age 6, will outgrow bedwetting each year? That means that 85% will continue to wet the bed the following year. There are even teens and adults who are still struggling with this problem.

I know you won’t want to miss my conversation with Renee Mercer, a pediatric nurse practitioner and an enuresis or bedwetting specialist. We will talk about the latest information about the treatment of bedwetting, including the use of bedwetting alarms. Renee is also the co-founder of The Bedwetting Store…a comprehensive online and catalogue source for families.

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Parents are you tired of your kids picking at each other, arguing over the silliest matters, fighting with each other and fighting for your attention?Well you're not alone. I hear that complaint from many parents that I work with. Today we're going to talk about sibling rivalry...you'll learn why kids fight and what you can do as a parent to minimize this.
I've invited my guest Pam Dyson to join my conversation. Some of you may remember a previous show when Pam and I talked about play therapy, and the importance of play. Pam is a child development expert, parenting coach, licensed professional counselor, nationally certified counselor and registered play therapist with a private practice in Ballwin, MO. Her goal is to help parents find practical solutions to child behavior problems. In addition to her private practice she provides child-centered group play therapy in an elementary school, serves as a mental health consultant, provides licensure supervision and appears regularly on Great Day St. Louis on KMOV TV.
In 2010 Pam founded and is currently the director of the St. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training, which provides continuing education hours and consulting services to mental health professionals interested in play therapy.
Hope you'll join us!

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I hope you’ll join our conversation today about the importance of a healthy marriage. This message is SO important to your child’s future…to their future relationships, marriage and to the relationship with their own children. Paying attention to your own marriage and what you’re modeling for your children will have a profound impact on your child’s future.

Have I got your attention yet?

James Dobson, author, psychologist, and founder of Focus on the Family, states “One of the best things parents can do for their children is love each other.”

I hope you’ll join my conversation with Martie Adams, a relationship therapist, as we discuss the how-tos of creating a healthy marriage and a happy home for the family.

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A Mom Listens to Her Heart…and Changes Her Career for Herself and Her Family.

Do you ever feel a tug or hear a whisper about life choices that you’ve made? Perhaps a career path that you began in your 20’s, that no longer seems to be a good fit?
On today’s show we’ll be talking about making life decisions, both as a woman and a Mom. We’ve all had to make hard decisions in our lives from time to time. I refer to my guest’s decision as a “heart” decision that she made for herself and her family.

Please join our conversation as I talk with Jody Mack. Jody shares how she made the transition from being a full-time assistant college professor to a full-time professional photographer.
Jody, only within the last few months, decided to leave her chosen career path behind to follow her passion and spend more time with her children.

What are you passionate about? What makes you feel alive? If you’re feeling a tug to make changes in your life, either personally or professionally, take a moment and join our conversation.

Have your priorities changed since you became a parent? I think you’ll relate to my conversation with Jody Mack. Hope you’ll join us!

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Ever feel guilty about your inner most thoughts as a Mom? I did. Guess what? You’re allowed to feel what you’re feeling and still be a good Mom!

Join me today as Sarah Dunning Park and I have a real conversation about motherhood…we’ll explore the frustrations of motherhood, as well as the joy. Sarah is a mother, wife, and writer who lives in Virginia with her husband and three daughters.

She is the author of “What It Is Is Beautiful: Honest Poems for Mothers of Small Children”. Sarah has found her own voice through poetry. Her gift is in capturing universal experiences of Moms…you may even feel that she’s talking about you. I know I was transported right back to my mini-van, with my four children, when I read her beautiful poem, “Rx”. Honest heartfelt truths about motherhood…no sugarcoating here.

Come join us and know that you’re not alone in your mothering…and learn the importance of hearing your own voice.

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A Memoir About a Mother’s Love...From Sad to Wondrous

Recently, I had the privilege of reading a memoir written by a mother.  A mother who experienced unimaginable pain and grief, yet never gave up hope...hope for her son.  Her steadfast hope and faith was not easily shared by her son’s doctors and nurses, and the chance of his recovery seemed to be against all odds.

As mothers, we are never given guarantees...we try hard and we do the best we can.  Often we mother our children with uncertainty, wondering if we’ve made the right choices.  Wondering if we’ve done enough, or if we  could have done more.  We never truly know.  Sometimes faith and hope are all we can hold onto.

My guest today, Pattie Welek-Hall, knows the joy and pain of motherhood.  Pattie is a mother, an author, and host of JOY radio.  Her upcoming book, A Mother’s Dance: One Step Back, Two steps forward, Full circle, is a heartfelt story.  I believe Pattie’s book will be a gift to all mothers, traveling the journey of motherhood.  Although Pattie does not promise mothers an easy journey, she inspires all of us to hold onto our love, hope and faith.  Her ability to do this gave Pattie the strength she needed as a mother, both for herself and her son.

Hope you’ll join us!  

Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP
Child & Adolescent Therapist
Parent Coach
Parenting Partners, LLC
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Connecting With Your Child...Through Play

Parents, are you ready for summer? I bet your kids are ready for summer and playtime!  That’s what summer is for right?

Have you ever watched your children play? Witnessed their joy and freedom as they interact in their playful way? We could all learn from kids, both their ability to be playful and live in the present moment.
Play is also a wonderful way to connect with your kids.  Recently, I suggested to a mom,  I was working with, that she spend time just playing with her child.  She looked a bit baffled and said “I don’t know how to play...I’m not good at it.”  I was reminded that we forget to play as adults.  We’re so busy doing and accomplishing that we forget the simple act of play.
Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of play, not just for children but for parents too!  I’ve invited my guest Pam Dyson to join my conversation.  Pam is a licensed professional counselor supervisor, registered play therapist supervisor, child development expert and parenting coach providing play therapy services, training, supervision and consultation in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro-plex. Her mission is to provide practical solutions to child behavior problems.
Hope you'll join us!
Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP
Child & Adolescent Therapist
Parent Coach
Parenting Partners, LLC
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Today, we’re going to be talking about the shaming of children.  Shaming of children is not new.  Picture the school child, years ago, sitting in the corner  wearing a dunce cap.  Private shaming in the home has occurred for generations.   Many adults have taken their own childhood shame messages and carried these unhealthy messages into their adult lives.
The age of technology has now taken the act of shaming out into the world, and made it public, via the internet.  We’ve seen an increase in public shaming on social media sites such as youTube, Instagram and Facebook.  We’ve witnessed children wearing sandwich boards on street corners, telling the world that they’ve lied or stolen from their parents.  You may remember the father who shot multiple bullets through his teenage daughter’s laptop.  He described his actions as tough love parenting, saying that he needed to punish his daughter for refusing to do chores and complaining about her parents on Facebook.  Recently, a 13 year old girl committed suicide a after her father posted a shaming video that depicted him cutting off her long hair in the garage.  As her locks were fell to the floor, the father repeatedly asked his daughter “Was it worth it?”  Although he never mentioned her transgressions, what could she have possibly have done that could be worth the punishment inflicted upon her and posted for the whole world to see?
Public and private shaming of children has got to stop.  It is up to us as parents and professionals, to break the cycle of shame.  I’ve invited my guest Dr. Shefali Tsabary to join my conversation today.  Shefali has created a movement, through her video #ENDSHAME.  She is a clinical psychologist, author, TED talk speaker, wife & mother. Dr. Shefali Tsabary lectures extensively on conscious parenting around the world and is in private practice. She is author of the award winning parenting books, The Conscious Parent and Out of Control: Why Disciplining Your Child Won't Work and What Will.  
Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP
Child & Adolescent Therapist
Parent Coach
Parenting Partners, LLC
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