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You Are Wise to Fear The Mosquito

Coco sits in for Mack & Juan-Juan and talks to the “Mad Englishmen” responsible for re-building one of the legendary Mosquito attack planes from World War Two. (“Made of wood, two Rolls Royce engines, so fast, it could out run the bullets.”) Also, Switchblade Steve reports on a Mosquito-UFO encounter discussed by Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower. Special guests include John Lilley, Bill Ramsey & Ross Sharp.

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The Bizarre Case of the Gulf Breeze Six

In one of the top rewind shows, the gang talks with Paul Dale Roberts about how he came upon classified photos of UFOs taken in space and his days as The Disco King of Sacramento. Ron Kolek on six members of U.S. military intelligence who went AWOL to pursue UFOs. Security chief Willy Clubb reports on the gang’s latest bag of fan mail. Special guest: Ella the Psychic.

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UFOs, Monkeys, Vampires & You

Raven reports on the bizarre deaths of the Hamar-Daban hikers and the theory they died after ingesting toxins dumped in Siberia by the Russian military. Jessie Kwasney, Iraqi war veteran and creator of the paranormal podcast, relates the strange, monkey-related UFO abduction case of Terry Lovelace. Also, fan letters to the show, why Raven loved GI Joes growing up and Juan-Juan’s tips on dating a vampire. Special guest: Willy Clubb.

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How to Smash Your Bass In Front of 50,000 Fans

In another Musical X-Files, the gang talks to Andy Farber and Vic Mignogna about the iconic Music of Star Trek. Raven and NYPD Cold Case expert Jocko Johnson report on the bizarre murder of 60’s rock star, Bobby Fuller. Counting Crows bassist Matt Malley recounts the time he intentionally smashed his bass guitar in front of 50,000 fans. Also, more Musician Jokes, what William Shatner is really like, and how best to avoid Kenny G. Special Guest: Mark Poulin.

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Everything You’ve Heard about Remote Viewing is True

In a double-special show, the gang talks with Bill Ray, commanding officer of the U.S. military’s infamous remote-viewing program of the 1990s, who confirms that remote-viewing works and was used extensively by the CIA to find Russian submarines and secret missile bases. Also, Phil Orbanes continues his series of heroic female spies in World War Two. Raven reports on India’s mysterious Skeleton Lake. Plus, Switchy gets a new wig and Top 10 Reasons Juan-Juan knows it’s Spring.

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What Really Happened at the Button Factory?

The gang talks to space enthusiasts Matt Silberman & Reverend Tanya about why the U.S. hasn’t returned to the Moon. Empath Valerie Lofaso recounts her bizarre sexual encounter with a ghost from the 1850s. Cobra on how the U.S. built a futuristic jet fighter in less than a year. Switch reports on the famous Lonnie Zamora UFO Case. Plus, Top 10 Reasons the gang has been banned from the Thirsty Moose.

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Top 10 Complaints About The Show

The MMMX-Files gang is joined by super-fan Jocko Johnson to discuss topics including nuclear suicide missions once planned by U.S. Special Forces and how to solve a cold case in 30 minutes. Plus: Top 10 complaints about the show; Switch explains the secrets of dousing and Coco on how to escape three dangerous situations in less than five minutes. Also, very famous author Marc Zappulla announces a new deal he and Mack have signed to co-author a true crime book. Special Guest: Lois Lane.

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A Mysterious Place called Machrihanish

In a special UK-centric broadcast, the gang is joined by RAF expert Ross Sharp to discuss one of the most secret bases in the world. Also, five good reasons to hate British food, proof The Beatles were created in a laboratory and the Question of the Week: Would you ride in a supersonic fighter plane even if heavy vomiting was involved? Special Guests: Willy Clubb, Winona Raven & UFO Mechanic, Al Renaldo.

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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore…or Are We?

In a special “Musical X-Files” show, the gang talks to Tom Brislin, keyboard player for the classic band, Kansas. Plus, Ten More Musician Jokes, (Q: “What do you throw a drowning bass player?” A: “His amp.”) Also, five reasons not to hate Jazz, what song The Eagles should never play again and why do people detest trombone players? Special guests: Matt Malley of Counting Crows & CB Billias of Bristol Studios.

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The gang takes on the Weird with creepy stories about military personnel coming back to life & appearing in people’s dreams and how some people have had past lives not on Earth. Clubb & Raven share their own personal stories about reincarnation. “Star Trek Continues” creator Vic the Wop tells each member of the gang what kind of character they would play on Star Trek. Mack recalls a strange incident from his childhood & Juan-Juan recounts his brush with death as a youth. (This episode not recommended for minors.)

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The Show of Lists

In a special show, the gang does two hours of Top Ten lists, including Top 10 Cryptids, Top 10 Airplanes Too Weird to Fly, Top 10 NASA Conspiracies – and Top 10 reasons Juan-Juan likes Downton Abbey. Also discussed: How not to film a movie on an aircraft carrier, the Tale of the Flying Pancake, and why Tom Cruise insists that when he runs in a movie, no one else can run beside him. Special guest: Ella the Psychic.

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Female Spies Galore!

In a special show, the gang discusses some of history's most famous female spies. “Mr. Monopoly” Phil Orbanes tells the story of Vera Atkins, a British spy whose astonishingly courageous actions shortened the length of World War Two. Cobra reports on Celebrity Cook Julia Child’s career as an agent in the OSS, the precursor of the CIA. Raven on the strange story of Mata Hari, the World War One spy who gave lap dances in her spare time. Also, it’s Raven vs Juan-Juan in the “Top 10 Bond Girl Playoff.” Special guests: Phil Yebba and Agent X.

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