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On an absolutely unremarkable weather day I sat down in my studio with my thousands of dollars worth of professional broadcast equipment. On this particular day I was a guest and not a host and when the host show out of a major station in Los Angeles tried repeatedly to connect with me for an interview we had one of those glitches that make you cringe... no matter the trouble shooting the two studios were not going to talk to each other.
The host on the other end was frustrated and discussed aborting the interview which I did not want to happen and when I suggested they call my cell phone the reaction was even worse (we all know the clarity of cell phone interviews and avoid them like the plague).  They agreed to give it a try and I quickly plugged in the iRig Mic Studio  that had just been delivered the week before... In the less than :60 seconds it took them to dial me I had the mic and a head set plugged into my iPhone and proceeded to give a 15 minute interview (originally scheduled for 5 minutes). The engineer and host would have killed the interview if not pleased with the sound! This to me was passing the electric kool aid acid test..... using a digital mic on a cell phone and not making a board op go ballistic.
To review the iRig Mic Studio I could mimic all the specs on the info page at iRig...not necessary you can read all of this. As a broadcaster I am more interested in how the mic performs in the field and in the studio.
The sound was as close to broadcast quality as one can get using a cell phone and not using a codec link. My next experiment will be using LUCI (Live or Lite) which is an app that will allow me to connect my cell,computer or tablet back to a BRIC unit in the studio. I can only imagine the sound will be even better with that kind of a handshake.
What does this mean for me? Confident of the sound quality I can take this iRigMic Studio with me where ever I go and grab interviews on the fly. I can plug it into my phone and record to the app they provide or use my LUCI to connect live to the studio or my Hindenburg audio  recording ap  (love it) if I am recording only.
For a simple set up (as  opposed to  a full remote broadcasting set up with mixers and mics and access or bric) I can take this well designed little mic and a headset and my iPhone and start recording!
I have already recommended this mic to folks who were doing podcasting and wanted a good quality mic. The connector on the iRig works with most smart phones and tablets and if you have an older iPhone it works as just need the adaptor.
This iRig Mic Studio  will be my backpack buddy wherever I go and also a backup for in studio if  the board has a connection issue!  More information can be found through IK Multimedia.

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Short form movies for UTube

Lending a whole new twist to Cinema Verite . The producer and writers of this popular utube short form film series drop in on the NMX Radio Show.

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NMX talks to Karin Høgh

This is how its done in Denmark! Journalist turned Podcaster has found her voice!
karin hoegh podconsult forside

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NMX talks to Podcasting Guru John Lee Dumas

Rocking the world with Podcaster's Paradise and Entrepreneuronfire JLD had the Number 1 Podcast on iTunes in 2013.Unknown-2

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NMX talks to Jay Baldemor about Gruv Gear


NMX Radio is always on the lookout for great gear and broadcasting equipment. Thanks to a friend who is a bass player we were turned on to Gruv Gear. Their Club Bag ( an uber cool backpack) will make every broadcaster and podcaster's dreams come true. A backpack with ample padding to protect your gear. Ample room for your headset(s), mics, mic stands, mixer and computer. Even a tether strap and compartment for your computer to make security checks that much easier!  Not only are the backpacks cool so are the folks at the company! They have offered NMX Radio listeners a super deal on the /Club Bag

Follow the link to get the NMX super discount...


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NMX talks to David Jackson the Podcast Coach

Dave Jackson walks you through the step by step process for getting your podcast up and runningschoolofpodcasting250X250-1

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NMX talks to Nina Amir

Nina Amir, Inspiration-to Creation Coach,inspires people to combine their purpose and passion.Through her books she takes people step by step into how to convert their blog into a book and more.Unknown-2

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