Saturday, 13 June 2020 19:44

Let's Ride America

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Hubert Rowland is a core part of the Nitro Circus team, Travis Pastrana's mechanic, a stunt man and a world renowned track builder for Nitro Circus, Supercross, Monster Jam, X Games, Global Rally Cross and several other entities.

Kristen Almer is a Sponsorship consultant with 30 years of experience helping corporations, sanctioning bodies, producers, promoters, race team owners, drivers, athletes and influencers

Kristen Almer's 11-year-old nephew died in an ATV crash in 2013. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. “If we can just teach children to put a helmet on their head and we can teach them the importance of safety certification, we know we are going to safe lives. Plain and simple."

Let's Ride exists to help all of us remember the importance of putting safety first in our outdoor activities, especially in the power sports world.  You can learn the principles of safety first - before being forced into a negative life change because of an accident.

Did you know one out of every five all-terrain vehicles fatalities is under the age of 16, 90% of those a child wasn’t wearing a helmet, and 95% percent of them didn’t have a safety certification.


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